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Last edited: Jul 3 2019

Beginner's Guide To HTML and CSS

This is a comprehensive guide to introduce you to coding HTML and CSS, in the end, you will learn exactly what HTML is with examples along with writing your own HTML tags.

We will also have a close look at CSS ( Cascading Style Sheets ) and study some examples of how we use CSS to style our HTML elements.

HTML and CSS go hand in hand, one is incomplete without the other, imagine HTML to be the skeleton of your website and CSS is the paint brush used to present your pages better.

HTML and CSS is Easy To Learn

Learning HTML is not difficult, you probably come in contact with HTML every day, when you login to your email or social media, the forms your fill in and buttons you click are all HTML elements

Using this guide I will introduce you to more of these HTML elements, explain what they are and how to write them, then we will also explore targeting these HTML elements using CSS

This guide is suitable for any beginner looking to get into coding, it will explain all the foundation principles required to get into front end development.