What is HTML

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What is HTML

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What does HTML mean?

HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language, it is the standard markup language for web pages, it is made up of something called HTML Elements and HTML Elements are made up of HTML Tags.

HTML is a collection of elements grouped together on a page in order to present information that has some form of structure which is also easy to follow.

Take for example this page you are currently reading, it has headers, paragraphs, images and links, in the world of HTML these are all elements grouped together on a page to help present data that is readable.

In order to learn HTML and use it, we first have to learn how to write as many of these HTML elements as possible and for the ones we don’t remember we need to know where to go and find that information.

HTML Elements

These are made up of a start tag and end tag, an HTML element would be formatted as follows:
<start-tag></end-tag> below is an example of a paragraph element, this will print out "This is a paragraph" onto your screen.

<p>This is a paragraph</p>

HTML Attributes

an attribute is used to define extra behaviour to a HTML element, it is placed inside the opening tag, all attributes are made up of a name and value. e.g

<p align='left'>This data is aligned to the left</p>
<p align='center'>This data is aligned center</p>
<p align='right'>This data is aligned right</p>

In the above example, name is align and value is left, center or right in this case they add extra behaviour to our paragraph, by controller where on the screen the paragraphs are shown.

HTML Structure

Every HTML we write will have a basic structure made up of these 5 HTML tags:

<!DOCTYPE html>

We are going to cover what these HTML tags mean and how to use them through out this guide.